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Paying Bills

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Anglican Community Fund offers a number of payment options that will help to take some of the pain out of paying bills.

Parish Direct Debits

Parishioners throughout the Diocese of Perth, and across the country, have found establishing a Direct Debit offering to be both a convenient and secure method of faith offering to their Church.

Gift Giving by Direct Debit is the most convenient and efficient method for you to show your ongoing commitment to your Faith community.

Attending Church each week is not always possible, thus, Direct Debiting is a simple way to ensure that your contribution is given to your chosen Parish on a regular basis.

Parishes also benefit as a result of regular contributions. A regular gift from parishioners, especially during lower periods of attendance such as January, makes budgeting much easier for the Parish.

What's more, the initiative ensures that Parishes can continue to operate and provide for the future needs of the Anglican community.

Direct Debit offerings have proven very popular in Parishes across Australia with many reporting in excess of 25% of Parishioners electing to give via Direct Debit.

The ministry and outreach of the Church is vital to spreading the knowledge of God's love, both here in Australia and overseas.

Be part of this exciting mission, through financial giving via Direct Debit.

  How can I start making direct debits today?
  1. Contact your participating Parish and request a Direct Debit form. 
  2. Decide what annual level of offering you can afford, and also would like to give in support of the Church and its works.
  3. Divide this annual amount by either 52 (for weekly contributions), 26 (fortnightly contributions) or 12 (monthly contributions).
  4. On the Direct Debit Request form, specify the amount and timing you wish each contribution to be.
  5. Read the terms and conditions on the form provided, carefully.
  6. Sign and return the form to ACF at the address on the form


Nobody likes paying bills, but at least with the BPAY ® service you can pay bills quickly and easily.

With BPAY ® you can pay most of your bills using Phone or Online Services. It’s easy to use and you can pay several bills at the same time. Most importantly though all BPAY ® transactions are fee free.

BPAY ® also allows you to set up your payments in advance, which is great for budgeting. This means you only need to worry about paying bills once a month, rather than on the day that they fall due, which is far more convenient.

Let us know if you are interested in BPAY and we would be happy to help you get started.

Periodical Payments

This service enables you to make a payment or transfer from your savings account on a regular basis.

Periodical payments can be set up to recur (e.g. weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly) for an indefinite or fixed number of payments or transfers.

Outgoing payments can be in the form of transfers to another member's account or another financial institution. Payments can also be by cheque posted to an address you nominate or to a BPAY biller.

Simply give us a call or drop into our office if you would like to establish a Periodical Payment.


If you have any questions, please contact us

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